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  • One of the most popular freeride wheels today, Powell Peralta's Snakes are made with their unique Soft Slide Formula. Even though the Snakes are 75a, don't be fooled; this formula has a super smooth, easy release that you can get sideways at just about any speed. Coupled with the centerset core for easy rotation and a clean stoneground finish, it's no question why the Snakes have gotten so popular.
  • The little sibling to Free Wheel's Thoughts, the Quincys are poured in the same ultra slidey, super durable Platinum Thane. With a centerset core to give you some control while you blast the fattest skids imaginable, their versatile size and ability to perform at super slow speeds make the Quincys a great choice for freeride on the hill or on the double kick.
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    With one of the dankest shape-to-urethane combo, the Street Slayers from Divine Wheel Co use a combination of a wide, fat contact patch with a super slide happy, sugary, thaney formula to give you both the ease of mind and ease of slide when you're hauling ass down the pass, skidding through your hood, or anywhere in between.
  • If you've seen Byron Essert skate, you know he knows. Here to replace the old These Byrons are the new Powell Peralta Byron SSF Pros. With a slightly grippier, even more controllable urethane and an offset core that still allows you to flip wheels for even wear, the Byrons are perfect for hucking it stand up into that thick hairpin you've been glove-down seshing. Grab a set for the core tye-dye graphic if nothing else.
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    Made with Divine's dank Slasher formula, the City Slashers will help you dominate any sidewalk, path, or city bomb with style. The perfect size for double kick trickin', they truly live up to their name.
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    Built on the classic KMFSU core, the Boss Hawgs will have your back on any hill. Their core is hubset, which means that the core is as wide as the wheel is. This gives them an incredibly consistent, smooth and predictable slide, while also maintaining even wear. Grab a set of the 76a if you want to blast, the 80a for staying sideways more than straight, or the 78a for right in the middle.
  • Made to mark your block, the Grillz are poured in a limited, super sugary Schlub formula. For maximum fun and stuntin', they have a slightly offset core, stoneground finish, flexin' graphic, and even gold flakes in the thane. For the haters.
  • Made for cruising sidewalks, surfing streets, ripping hills, or just sending it as fast as you can on your skateboard, the Powell Peralta ATFs have a soft, bouncy ride with a urethane injected core and classic freeride shape. Great for all around skating, the ATFs are the choice for you if you want to cushion your ride.
  • The meatiest of Orangatang's Peachy Thane formula wheels, the centerset Cages are meant to go sideways, fast. With a stiff and supportive core for even wear and high rollspeed, the Cages should last you ages.
  • The middle child of Orangatang's centerset lineup, the Kilmers are poured in their Peachy thane formula, a controllable, in-the-pavement formula, and use an extra supportive, speedy core. Add to all of this a long life and centerset profile for easy rotation and you have one of the most reliable wheels around.
  • The smallest of Orangatang's centerset freeride wheels, the Keanu's small size and round lips make them perfect for small boards and big slides. Poured in Peachy thane, the Keanus will last your moneys worth while maintaining a controlled, speed-killing slide through the whole life.
  • Made with their smooth sliding Elixir formula, the 68mm Tantrums have a crazy supportive core that's centerset to let you flip them for even wear. With round lips and a narrow contact patch, the Tantrums won't throw a fit getting sideways.

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