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Abec 11 Polka Dots


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Poured in their timeless Classic Thane, Abec 11’s Polka Dots are a crazy fun, versatile wheel. Throw them on your double kick and rip through steep alleyways, ditches, or even a park in the morning, and then throw ’em on your freeride setup and rip the hills in the evening. With their centerset core, narrow contact patch, and really round lips, you should have no trouble getting these sideways.

In stock

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Abec 11’s Description

Centerset Freeride wheels are ready for you to slash around and dump thane! Ton’s of wheel clearance for top mounts. This is perfect slide jam wheel for your mega long toe-side stand ups and bangin’ it big off any available feature. These radius-edged wheels are the renowned standard for freeriding and sliding down hills. Ultra smooth, fast, and predictably drifty! PolkDots work great on minis and cruisers, but might just become your new favorite freeride wheel, because of their small size and contact patch … Polkadots offer little resistance and slide very easily. This makes them a great wheel for learning new and difficult slides on. Pick up a set today and you might finally have that switch toe side in the bag.





Contact Patch




Lip Profile


Core Placement


Wheel Surface

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