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Free Thoughts


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Free Wheel’s slipperiest, most durable formula, the Platinum Thane the Free Thoughts are poured in will leave a smile on your face and plenty of wheel left, even on hot days and big roads. Using a super rounded lip, sideset core, and stoneground finish, you should have no trouble getting them sideways out of the box. Just think about it.

In stock

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Free Wheel’s Description

Free Thoughts are wheels that are poured in our new 79a PLATINUM Formula. The Platinum Formula is known for long slides, minimal resistance, and slow wear. This wheel doesn’t dump thane like some of the others, but it lasts longer than any wheel we have developed to date. Combined with the fully side-set bearing seat and the elliptical lips, this is a forgiving shape even the roughest of pavements. Besides coming stone-ground, this wheel is perfect for younger and beginner riders to be using because of the easy slide characteristics, and flat-spot resistant tendencies allow you to learn to slide easily!





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