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Madrid Trapstar


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Designed by Colorado crusher Justin Rouleau, the Madrid Trapstar keeps you rocketing down the hill with its crazy comfy Money Pocket in the front, with a directional “bend” up front for added leverage and to allow you to split your trucks without a wedge; just throw a small riser up front only and let the board steer for you while you rage.

We recommend setting the Trapstar up with some Cast Rogue trucks and Venom Cannibal 76mm wheels.

In stock

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Madrid’s Description

The Trapstar is a directional top-mount speedboard designed for maximum control in high- speed situations. The infamous, and updated, front-foot “Money Pocket” keeps you locked in, lowers your center of gravity, and drives steering from the front of the board by creating a unique drop-wedge pocket, giving you more control and stability than ever before. Deep wheel wells for maximum clearance, wheelbases from 27″ to 28.5″, and the perfect amount of W-concave all come together to complete this badass downhill deck. – Justin Rouleau






27" to 28.5"


Maple with Formica


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