Orangatang Nipples


Perfect for getting your trucks tuned in to your weight, Orangatang’s Nipple bushings come in three duros so that you can get just right, no matter your weight. Each pack comes with four standard barrels and washers (enough for both trucks).

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Orangatang’s Description

Is it cold in here or are you just sporting some perky bushings? Stuff these chubby puppies into your trucks and get ready to bounce out of every carve with tons of energy and rebound.  Poured with our extra lively and energetic Randy Urethane, which we came upon while testing wheels but had slide characteristics that were a bit hmmmmm . . . premature?  Too eager for a wheel, but just excitable enough to squeeze between your washers.

Sold as a set of four (4), including four thin and strong flat washers. Nipples are NOT recommended for every truck on the market, but they do work well with Paris, Tracker Fastracks and Randals (among others).

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