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Powell Peralta Byrons SSF


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If you’ve seen Byron Essert skate, you know he knows. Here to replace the old These Byrons are the new Powell Peralta Byron SSF Pros. With a slightly grippier, even more controllable urethane and an offset core that still allows you to flip wheels for even wear, the Byrons are perfect for hucking it stand up into that thick hairpin you’ve been glove-down seshing. Grab a set for the core tye-dye graphic if nothing else.

In stock

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Powell Peralta’s Description

The new Byron Essert wheel from Powell-Peralta. This wheel is a freeride based wheel with a centre-set core that allows you to flip it for even wheel wear, and with large radiused edges for smooth slides. This new Byron wheel features 75a Soft Slide Formula PRO, which has more traction than the standard 75a SSF which is found in Snakes and you’ll find yourself gripping through corners you didn’t think you could, but still sliding smoothly when you want it. Byron is an all around downhill skater and wanted a wheel that could both grip canyon corners, and slash and slide through the grippiest neighborhood. We’ve delivered. One of the best wheels in the game!





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