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Rayne Uncut Template


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Your perfect project board, Rayne’s template is an uncut, easy to chop, pre-pressed deck meant for those creative thinkers who may not have access to their own press. With Fat Bottom construction using bamboo and cross-grained maple, 3D wheel wells for wheel clearance, and predrilled holes so you don’t have to worry about keeping it straight, this blank is a perfect rainy day project.

In stock

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Rayne’s Description

The Template is a simple top mount constructed using Rayne’s new K.I.S.S. Construction – a composite of our traditional bamboo sandwiched with cross grain maple. A medium stiff board using Fatbottom design makes a lighter & stronger board with built-in wheel wells that run the whole board length. 3D Wheel Wells provide extra wheel clearance in the normal mounting zone, extra leverage for cornering, and help your feet find their home on your board. The Template is a unique board in the skateboard industry, it comes pre-drilled,but uncut so you can chop it into that shape you’ve been dreaming of. See below to download free pdf’s of some classic Rayne shapes to help you get started.


Your Choice!


Your Choice!


19" to 26.5"


Bamboo and Maple


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