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Rolling Tree Nimbus


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The double kick of Rolling Tree’s locally owned lineup, the community designed Nimbus strives to be your perfect do everything board. While the nimble wheelbase and functional kicks make this a great beer-run or street deck, it’s solid maple construction and grab rails give you the ability to shred some hills while you’re at it.

We’d recommend either 150mm Paris trucks or 169mm Independent trucks and Remember Peewees for maximum fun-having.

In stock

Rolling Tree’s Description

The Rolling Tree Nimbus is a directional double kick designed to bridge the gap between street and downhill skating. With an 18” wheelbase, it’s nimble enough to bust out a quick tre-flip at the top of the hill, but stiff enough to keep you upright while surfing over rocks on the inside line. Whether busting 540’s, hitting the pool, or pushing 45, The Nimbus can really do it all.








7 Ply Maple


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