Valhalla Black Dolphin


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Drawing inspiration from pintail bomber shapes of the past, the Black Dolphin is a directional downhill deck straight from the depths of Valhalla. With a set back platform, plenty of wheelbase options, and mildly aggressive concave to keep you on board, the Black Dolphin will have you surfing with style.

We recommend setting the Black Dolphin up on some Caliber 44 degree trucks and Sucrose Spuds wheels to destroy the mountain and neighborhood alike.

In stock

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Valhalla’s Description

The board is shaped kinda like a surf board. Narrow in the front, and gets wider in the back. This allows you to get your front foot across the entire width, giving you more leverage and helping to prevent the need to shift your front foot while riding.

The back is wide to help the board feel more comfortable when freeriding while the W concave helps you stay locked in during toesides.

All of this combined with the numerous amounts wheelbase options, you’ll be stoked on the Black Dolphin.

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21" to 29"




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