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Venom Barrel HPF


Arguably one of the best brands of urethane around, Venom’s HPF bushings have established themselves as one of the best and easiest ways to tune your trucks in perfectly for your weight, riding style, and preference. To get the perfect setup for YOU, follow the weight listings below, and don’t be afraid to experiment!

50-100 lbs: 73-80a
75-125 lbs: 78-82a
100-145 lbs: 80-85a
125-175 lbs: 80-87a
145-195 lbs: 82-90a
175-220 lbs: 85-93a
200-250 lbs: 90-93a
225 lbs and up: 90-97a

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Plain and simple, the Downhill (HPF) Pack is built for speed. Double barrels, teamed with cup washers can give your setup that fully locked in feel that gives you the confidence you need to grab some serious velocity. Barrels: .6″ tall x .97″ wide

High Performance (HPF): The original Venom High Performance formula is the most trusted and tested formula used by the world’s top downhill racers. A perfect blend of rebound and dampening to keep you stable at high speeds and hook up with control out of corners.

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78a, 81a, 85a, 87a, 90a, 93a, 95a, 97a


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