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Venom Tall Barrel HPF


Designed to fit trucks that run extra tall bushings, the HPF formula tall barrels from Venom have a strong center, supportive feel, and deep lean (thanks to the extra urethane). Make sure your trucks fit talls though, not every truck fits them!

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Yet, another addition to the Venom family, this taller Venom barrel bushing has been designed to fit Rogue and Ronin trucks. Try them out and enjoy!

High Performance Formula Bushings

Two bushings per pack.
Quantity ‘1’ = 2 bushings; enough for one truck.
Buy quantity ‘2’ for your whole board!

Height: ~18.95mm
Outer Diameter: ~24.90mm
Inner Diameter: ~9.15mm


78a, 81a, 85a, 87a, 90a, 93a, 95a, 97a


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