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Vicious Griptape


Made to grippppp, Vicious griptape is one of the best grips to use to build 3D concave and mold to itself! Grab a pack of clear if you want some milder tape that you can lay stickers under, black if you want to rage runs and never have your foot slip, or red for smack in the middle.

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Vicious’ Description

Superior grip for cornering, freeriding, speedboarding and sliding, GET VICIOUS!
Vicious griptape: made specifically for longboarders.
Each pack includes 4 pieces 10”x11” grip and 5 stickers
Extra-coarse grit for maximum grip
High adhesion pressure sensitive backing can stick on top of your old grip
Flexible and contour forming – it works on all downhill deck designs without wrinkling
Wraps around edges
Water resistant


Clear, Red, Black


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